Artifacts from 2012-13

On this page you will find examples of my best work within the subject areas and courses I completed during 2012-13 school year.
10 Artifacts from 4 of more classes

U.S. History

One of the projects that we had to construct in history was a decades project. The purpose of this was to show our understanding of the decade in which we picked and important events that happened. Not only important events, but also; the pop culture, lasting impacts of this era, and important people of the time period. As you could see, the time period showed here is in fact the 1990's. A brief summary of the 90's were an era of hip hop and the time period in which technology started to begin. Some events were bombings, golf war, and the L.A. riots.Some of the lasting impacts were the internet and the rise of Jordan. Another memorable thing of the 90's was the scandal between Clinton and his secretary.

Here is a project in which we had to get a person in history and create a social media page, like facebook. The purpose of this is to show our understanding of the dictator we chose and also his perspective on the things he did. The people showed here are Stalin and Hitler. What is shown is them communicating back and fourth about things that they did. Some posts on Hitlers timeline shows when he checked in at a battle. Also, they post back and fourth between each other and commenting on their status'.


Here is where I demonstrate my understanding in pre-calculus. I go through the concepts of each section and explain them within a powerpoint. To see some more of my work in math you could go to the sections of triginometry and pre calculus. Some of the topics i cover with the powerpoint are parabolas. I explain what a parabola is and give an example of one. Also, I have formulas to help either create the parabolas or solve them. Some other sections I also have here would be hyperbola. A hyperbola is similar to the parabola but different in many way. Also, I go through the section of ellipses. An ellipse is just another word for cirle. These sections were fairly simple but complex at the same time because of the understanding needed to understand these concepts.

Here i show my understanding for math in different sections. I created an entire webpage just for the purpose of studying and seeing what my knowledge on math is. To see both sections of it just go to the pre calculus and triginometry tab of this website. Some things that I included on this were things like the laws of sines and cosines. It may sound difficult but in reality its not. Within the site, I include many different components to make the learning of the math easier. One would be a video with step-by-step instructions on one of the properties. I also have different resources as well. Another example would be a powerpoint that I created to explain the entire section. These are just some of the things within this webpage.


Right here is a project that we did for chemistry. Here, we had to do a presentation on any section that we learned throughout the year. The section in which I chose was sublimation. That is the process from changing solid to gas. The experiment that we conducted was putting dry ice(solid) and putting it in water and showing how  it changes to a gas. We had to present this project in the science fair. Some facts about dry ice is that it's really cold. When touching it with your hands it burns you. These were just some of the things that I had to present. Also, dry ice could be used for other things like making explosions just using that, water, and a bottle!

Here you might be wondering what these blue spheres are. These are used to make ice cream. This was one of the main projects that we did in the semester. It was not only learning what to put in it, but we learned the science behing ice cream making. What we had to do was put the ice in one side of the container with some salt. On the other side, we filled it with vanilla, sugar, and milk. The mixing of the ice on the outside made the freezing point of the milk lower so made it into ice cream after 20 minutes.


Here is some of the work that I do in my honors english class. The majority of the assignments we do are papers, like book report or research papers. The assignment shown here is actually one of my best book reviews. The goal of this assignment was to read a book and review it. To review it was to explain what the book was and give a rating on it. We had to give a summary and some facts about the book without giving the ending though. If you give the ending away then its no point in the person reading the review to want to read it anymore. It is fairly easy to review a book but requires much effort and time to do so. This was probably the best review I did and it was on the book Of Mice and Men.

Here is another example of one of my best assignments done in my honors english class. This also happened to be my final for the class. The assignment shown here is a research paper. The topic that I chose for this paper was gun control. This was a fairly easy topic for due to the fact that I like this topic. Not only that but, I already know quite a bit of information on it since im always following whats going on with it. With this paper I had to get rid of any controversial thoughts I had on it and get information from both sides of the party. I also had to get statistics from each side and what they believe on the topic. My opinions were completely out while doing the topic. Overall it was an easy assignment due to me actually wanting to do that topic.


This project that me and my partner conducted for spanish was probably one of the best things we did. We had to get a product, or make one up, and make a commercial for it. This was fun in the sense that we never did anything like this before. The product that we re-did was coca cola. We just changed the name around to cola coca. The outline of the commercial was my partner playing the piano. I walk in hating on his piano playing and he stops and tells me to drink some cola coca. He says I get a little angry when I'm thirsty. So I say I like it and begin dancing around and while that goes on music begins to play and a narration of the side effects are also listed. Then just shows what the side effects were. This was a great and new thing that we had never done before.


Here is somewhat a video reel that I created of all my dance performances. The performances are not all from this past year but the video was created this past year. I used this for dance class to be able to promote myself and so people could also see what I do. The video is sort of like a timeline for everything that has happened dancing wise for me. It dates back to the time I started up till 2011 I believe. It is still in the progress of being better. I am still adding more to it but i must first edit the music to fit the video. This is a mixture of dance but also computers. Its a mixture because sure they are videos of me dancing and have to do with dance class, but i edit them using video editing software to fix them. Not only that but, I also use music cutting software. So, this is a general idea of the dances I do.