7 Elements and 3 Stories

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One story that I liked was the story Cryptography which talked about symbols and how we use the symbols as ways to communicate. It talks about how we have been using it since the beginning of time. Some of the elements it uses are point of view. It uses this technique because it gives the person own view, perspective, and how they see the symbols every day when they take out money. Also it has a person’s voice to narrate the story so that would be another element. Another element that it uses is economy because has still pictures of the symbols which allows the person viewing it more idea of these symbols.


Hollywood and the Old South Myth


The next story that I like was Hollywood and the Old South Myth.This story talks about how Hollywood had portrayed the old south as a happy place with happy slaves and huge mansions. Some of the elements that it has are that it asked a question saying that if the south was really like that. This story also uses the technique of emotional content. It uses this because it shows some pictures of what the south really was about. How it was mostly hard working slaves that weren’t happy.


Short North


Another story that I saw was called Short North. It was about how Obama's campaign had brought somewhat of change to their little town. The town was not the greatest town it included poverty and much more. The people painted a mural of Obama and it helped bring hope. One of the techniques it used was emotional content. It used this because it showed all the people just come in and help paint the mural. Another technique used was pacing. It went at a really good pace. Also it had music in it so that was also another technique.






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