Furniture Drawings - NEW February 21st - 25th

Sketch Up - 3D Drawing

The video on the lower right is a Fly-by around a 3D model created in Sketch Up. The cabinet, floor, walls, window and desk were created using the Sketch Up program. The chairs, computers, and monitors were downloaded from the Sketch Warehouse.

Furniture Drawings - SCALED Tables 26nd - 3/3

Round Table File


2 - (2' X 1.5' X 2") LEG HOLDER
2 - (1.5' X 1.5' X 2") LEG HOLDER

This chair was drawn with Sketch Up. Students will capture screen-views of their creations and place them on this CADD page. The purpose is to demonstrate

Students will also save the (.SKP format files offline in their period SketchUp folder and also Upload the same files to their online SketchUp folder created in their Google Dirve. This drive folder must be "shared" with [email protected] with the ability to make comments.  EXAMLPE =

Students will also be worknig in teams and those team members should share access to each others' Google Drive folder.

This 3D drawing was created for LAUSD's [email protected]
in Maintenance and Operations
complex Project Manager.
The drawing is of the rear double-door closet. The closet is drawn with modifications to the top to provide air circulation and hear escape from the internal electronics and an access hole for cabling into the cabinet.
Also drawn in is the addition of Power, Network, and Video connections to the room. The position of the wiring connections within the cabinet may vary.

Not drawn is the need for a theft resistant locking mechanism on the outside of cabinet.

This is an Ikea table created using sketch up. My group assembled this table by making separate parts and putting them all together. The video shows the whole project finished and also shows each part. Also, it shows the measurments that were required to show that it is built to scale. 

This assignment was probably the easiest and most fun assignment in sketch up. It was easy because I really didn't have to do any design. If I wanted a table all I had to do was download it, so I didn't have to do any from scratch. Also, it made it more efficient because their were variety of all types of items you could download. Another thing that made it easy was the fact that we were able to choose a floor plan and just copy it. So, we didn't have to think of what to build or where to start from. Some of the problems were just the program crashing every once in a while since their were too many items. Other than that i'm looking forward to other sketch up assignments.

Here is my SKP File

This Floor plan was created 3/21/13


Desk Organizer Screen Shots