You will find links to my academic work from multiple courses on this page.

How It All Started                 Created By: Carlos Cordova

My digital story is about how I started dancing and where it has lead me up to this point.

Post Production Team #4


  1. Jason Tapia             View Jason's Rubric 
  2. David Del Cid           View David's Rubric
  3. Messlee Ruiz          View Messlee's Rubric 

2012-2013 Work Samples

Team Name: The Chicken Littles

Carlos Cordova

Stephanie Cortes

Genesis Sanchez
Link to Storyboard

Feedback group Number  & Members
Link to Prezi Group Presentation and Feedback
Link to Individual Assessment of Team Prezi

School by Carlos Cordova on GoAnimate

Animation Software - Powered by GoAnimate.

This Go Animate was created to show how important technology education is and how it helps students. It shows the counselor giving some advise to the student about what he wants to do in that field of work.